21 September, 2022

Isalos.net - A go maritime initiative

Isalos.net was established in December 2015 by the editorial team of Naftika Chronika to create and support a continuous channel of communication between the younger generation and the shipping industry, via a specialised website, extensive use of social media and the organisation of multiple series of events.

Isalos.net provides a unique platform of continuous information on the challenges and requirements of the maritime and seafaring professions.

Isalos.net organises on a yearly basis, free of charge for the participants:

The “Go Maritime” career and roadshow events in Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania & Chios.
Monthly Educational Seminars. Topics include Safety Onboard, Soft Skills, Protection of Marine Environment, Marine Insurance, HR in Shipping, New Technologies etc.
Specialised open discussions and lectures organized digitally, broadcasted via our isalos.net YouTube channel, attracting more than 8.000- 10.000 views each.
Summer Camps
Exhibitions- Full Day events and more