The Company


Our Mission

  • To ensure the Company always acts on the best intrests of its stakeholders.
  • To grow by inspiring, motivating and encouraging its Employees to be actively involved in Company's vision through a continuous improvement philosophy and a clear career path.
  • To create a healthy and safe working environment that provides both professional and personal development to its Employees.
  • To optimize its operations in order to provide safe and environmentally marine transportation services by incorporating ZERO incident policies and environmental practices with minimum possible impact. 
  • To pursue sustainable expansion in its shipping activities through innovative future proof projects.

Our Vision

  • To be established as a sustainable ship management Company, leading the industry in its field of operations.

Our Core Values

  • Safety
    We promote a safe and healthy working environment where skills, knowledge, experience and competencies are shared and constantly developed
  • Innovation
    We believe in a creative culture of striving for new and better solutions, facing challenges and pursuing opportunities
  • Integrity
    We operate under strong moral & ethical principles
  • Unity
    We build on our team spirit and teamwork in order to reach our objectives and goals
  • Leadership
    We are strong supporters of the lead-by-example philosophy
  • Respect
    We regard our Employees as our greatest assets and ensure their long term well-being and fair treatment