4 July, 2018

Workshop by GARD

On 27 June 2018 Queensway Navigation Co. Ltd hosted an all-day in-house Contingency Workshop that was carried out by GARD AS representatives in close co-operation with Queensway participants and a media consultant.

The workshop that took place in the company’s Crisis Room was an interactive drill simulating a major event that included one of the company’s vessels and engaged the ERT (Emergency Response Team) members and ERT members’ substitutes. Its objectives were:

- Mustering and establishment of ERT
- The effectiveness of the company’s contingency plan
- Internal exchange of information
- Co-ordination of external resources with focus on insurance
- Company media response

Following the positive feedback by GARD and the Media Representative the workshop was deemed successful, as we have achieved significant knowledge and gained invaluable experience. Nevertheless, we remain constructively discontent as there is always room for new lessons to be learnt and improvements to be implemented.